About me

I obtained my PhD in Artificial Intelligence at UPM while working in the IMDEA Software Institute with an FPU scholarship. I was part of the development team of the Ciao programming language, specially focused on the abstract interpreter of its preprocessor, CiaoPP.

My research interests include static analysis and verification of software, abstract interpretation, (constraint) logic programming, and semantic code search. Particularly, I am interested in the scalability challenges that these techniques pose.

Email: isabel dot garcia at pm dot me


school PhD in Artificial Intelligence - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Thesis: A scalable static analysis framework for reliable program development exploiting incrementality and modularity
(DOI: 10.20868/UPM.thesis.68446) [slides]

school MSc in Artificial Intelligence - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Master Thesis: Code Search: A Semantic, Abstract Interpretation-based Approach

school Degree in Computer Engineering - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Final Project: Generación de Flujos en Redes Multigigabit Ethernet Acelerada Mediante Hardware Dedicado




Declarative programming: Logic and constraints (TA), Technical University of Madrid (UPM) (Feb - July) on 2019, 2020, and 2021.